Arc Fuels is a dynamic, proudly South African bunker-trading and fuel supply company, operating out of Cape Town, South Africa. Our customers enjoy industry-leading customer service and competitive pricing on marine and inland fuel and lubricant products, both domestically in Southern Africa and beyond.


Shipping and Fishing industries – domestic and international

Antarctic expeditions and Research vessels

Navy vessels

Logistics, Cross-border, Mining, Agriculture and Construction (SADC-wide)

We pride ourselves on our personalised end-to-end service. Our team will supply you with a quality-controlled product, delivered on time, whatever port your vessel should be calling at, or wherever your inland site may be situated.

We deliver a product and service of the highest standard, saving you time and money. With Arc Fuels, you will always come first.

Our Products and Services

Arc Fuels puts reliability in supply and service above all else. We will find a way to deliver. We offer tailor-made logistics solutions for delivery to client sites or vessels, and can offer COC (customer own collection), when required.

Our Partners

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