Bunker Fuels & Marine Lubricants

Arc Fuels supplies a wide range of marine fuels and lubricants, both domestically and internationally.


We currently supply bunkers to various fishing fleets in all Southern African ports. For our local fishing clientele, we offer a “one-stop-shop solution” in terms of diesel, lubricants and LP gas.

Marine bunker fuels available at all South African ports include:

  • Marine Fuel Oil (MFO)
    • Ranging from 60 cSt to a max 180 cSt (RMG 180 ISO 8217:2010 spec)
  • Marine Gasoil (MGO)
    • Meeting DMA and DMB specification
  • Automotive Gas Oil (AGO)
    • Sulphur content of 0,005% (being phased out) or 0,0005%, delivered only via road tanker to vessel
  • Polar Diesel/Arctic Marine Diesel

All our marine fuel products adhere to all upgraded specifications as recommended by the classification societies and are always high-quality, blended to your specifications and tested thoroughly to ensure client satisfaction.

Marine bunker fuel

Marine bunker fuel can be supplied via the following methods, depending on port infrastructure:

    • Pipeline – only available in hub-ports, not in small ports
    • Barge – only available in hub-ports, not in small port
    • Road tanker – can be used when the vessel cannot be accessed via barge, and/or when it is not lying close to a bunker pit

We can supply duty free bunkers to any foreign-flagged vessel with an international next port of call. Our team has extensive experience with supplying duty-free product in a South African context.

Marine Lubricants

Our services also include the supply of marine lubricants to our clientele, including:

  • Engine oil
  • Hydraulic oil
  • Degreasers

Lubricants are available for supply in all grades and brands, and packaging comes in 20 litre pails, drums or bulk delivery via barge. We view it essential to be able to trade and supply all industry brands for our international customers:

Antarctic Expeditions

Cape Town has been identified as a gateway for many operators, agencies and research icebreaker vessels en route to Antarctica. In addition to bunker fuel. these vessels typically require a comprehensive assortment of fuel and lubricant products, including diesel, petrol and aviation fuel as part of their cargo. We provide a full range of services and products to service the icebreakers at short notice. We understand the time pressures that these vessels operate under.

Polar Diesel is a high-quality, highly refined, low-sulphur light distillate fuel exhibiting extremely low cold filter plugging point characteristics ideally suited to extreme sub-zero operating conditions. It is supplied for all Antarctic diesel requirements. Many of our clients also request petrol ULP 95, to be drummed and delivered to vessel. These are used in vehicles, snow mobiles and generators.

An instant starting aid with upper cylinder lubricant is also available for all engines to help prevent starting problems in cold weather. It can be used for starting all petrol, diesel and paraffin engines in cold and damp weather.

Mechanical Assistance

We have an experienced mechanic on standby 24/7 in Cape Town. Where necessary he is present at every road tanker delivery, overseeing the site and ensuring that the vessel fitting/coupling is compatible with those of the road tanker hoses. He travels to other ports as required.